Secondary Market Brokerage Services

Our core strategy is to bring liquidity to situations where investors are seeking a return of capital. Varcay’s extensive global network ranges from small private funds to institutional investors that are actively looking to deploy capital into the secondary market asset class. By utilizing this broad base of market participants all clients seeking a liquidity solution, regardless of size, can benefit from our services.


Varcay offer customized solutions to independent Boards of Directors, private companies, investors, family offices, Investment Managers, Trustees, and Liquidators who hold illiquid asset positions that may not be familiar with the secondary market, or, who wish to delegate responsibility to ensure that the illiquid asset divestment process is undertaken by an experienced team of independent professionals within this field.


Varcay offer a wealth of experience in dealing with a variety of asset classes including restricted equity, asset backed securities, redeemed and non-redeemed LP positions in hedge funds (either in liquidation or other wind down scenarios), investment portfolios, as well as bankruptcy and trade claims.

Whether the chosen divestment strategy is a private placement or auction, Varcay can assist in every step of the process. We can assess situations quickly and provide valuable advice that could lead to a significant increase in recoveries for underlying investors.

Liquidation Reporting

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